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How to keep your engine running smoothly with Phillips 66

Scheduled Maintenance Tips for Heavy Equipment You know that well-maintained equipment means less downtime and more productivity – so what’s the best way to keep your engines running smoothly? At Oil & Energy, we say the answer is good old-fashioned preventative maintenance.  According to Phillips 66, ‘pieces of heavy equipment

A red motorcycle speeds along a highway.

Top 5 Tips For Choosing Motorcycle Oil

Choose the right motorcycle oil and set your bike up for better performance, long term value for money and a safer ride. If you love your bike – which we are guessing you do – you’ll want to help preserve its engine with an oil that focuses on efficiency and


How to Find the Right Grease for Any Industrial Application

Choosing the right grease for your industrial application can optimise equipment resistance to friction and wear, increase component lifespans, reduce downtime and save significant operational costs. But how do you choose the right grease for your industrial application? At Oil & Energy, we design consolidated solutions for a variety of


Addressing Low Speed Pre-Ignition in Direct Injection Engines

SN Plus: Addressing LSPI in Direct Injection Engines.  November 6th, 2017  The implementation of the next ILSAC engine oil service category for passenger cars, ILSAC GF-6, has been delayed. This delay has pushed Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that produce vehicles powered by gasoline direct injection engines (GDI), to look for